The Madden Quiz

It’s hard to believe that Madden 09, scheduled to hit shelves on Tuesday with Brett Favre in a Packers uniform on the cover, is the 20th installment of the top-selling sports video game. Before you race out to grab your copy and download your Favre-as-a-Jet cover online, let’s see how well you know your Madden history.

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How many players were on the field for each team in the first version of the game, which was released in 1989 on Apple II computers and titled John Madden Football?
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Whose name does not appear in recent versions of the game because he is not a member of the NFL Coaches Association?
Sean Payton
Mike Shanahan
Andy Reid
Bill Belichick
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Since 2004, how many times has EA Sports’ simulation of the Super Bowl matchup using the latest version of Madden accurately predicted the actual game’s winner?
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Madden 07 was first released in Madden, a small community in Leake County, which is located in what state?
New York
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What wide receiver with a reputation for being afraid of catching balls across the middle received an embarrassingly low, kicker-like toughness rating of 35 in Madden 07?
Todd Pinkston
Andre Johnson
Peerless Price
Terrell Owens
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Who was originally selected to appear on the cover of Madden 08 before being replaced by Vince Young?
Ben Roethlisberger
Steve Smith
JaMarcus Russell
LaDainian Tomlinson
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Of the following, who has never served as the voice of the sideline reporter in a Madden game?
Melissa Stark
Lesley Visser
Jill Arrington
Eric Dickerson
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What popular NFL referee’s likeness was first featured in the game for certain platforms in Madden 06?
Ed Hochuli
Jeff Triplette
Larry Nemmers
Bill Leavy
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Who won the 2008 Madden Bowl, the annual tournament that pits NFL players against each other?
Julius Peppers
Willis McGahee
Tom Brady
Jamal Lewis
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Who became the first player to appear alone on the cover when he was featured on the front of the PlayStation version of Madden 99 sold in Europe?
Garrison Hearst
Daunte Culpepper
Eddie George
Dorsey Levens
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Who was the first player to receive a perfect 100 skills rating for speed?
Charles Woodson
Darrell Green
Devin Hester
Deion Sanders
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When did Madden introduce QB Vision Control, the awesome or annoying feature, depending on who you ask, that displays a cone of vision where your quarterback is looking?
Madden 04
Madden 05
Madden 06
Madden 07