But I Play One on TV!

Sitcoms taught me a lot about the working world. Dr. Jason Seaver (Growing Pains) proved that working from home was an option. Sondra & Elvin (The Cosby Show) helped me scratch 'wilderness store' from my potential career list. And Mr. Belvedere (Mr. Belvedere) introduced me to the butler concept. Today's quiz asks you to remember how TV characters made their livings.

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When Kirk Van Houten visits his son Milhouse's class on Career Day, what is his stated occupation?
One of the 'Lost Boys'
Assistant to the Guy Who Puts Fliers Under People's Windshield Wipers
Regional Spokesman for the Brotherhood of Divorced Dads
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What soul-sucking corporation employs Kevin Arnold's dad on The Wonder Years?
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How does Larry Dallas make a living on Three's Company
Used Car Salesman
Limo Driver
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What was George Owens' job on Mr. Belvedere?
High School Baseball Coach
Host, Wake Up, Pittsburgh!
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Before landing jobs in the mailroom of the fictional Chicago Chronicle, where did Larry & Balki work?
Ritz Newsstand (in O'Hare International Airport)
Ritz Discount Store (in their apartment building)
Ritz Camera (in the Atrium Mall)
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On Growing Pains, what kind of doctor was Dr. Jason Seaver?
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What was George Costanza's job with the New York Yankees?
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
Personal Aide to the Owner
Activities Director
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Which of the following jobs was not held by Jackie Harris on Roseanne?
Police Officer
Truck Driver
Exotic Dancer
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Before finding work as a housepainter, beer taster and interior decorator, what was Norm Peterson's job on Cheers?
Insurance Salesman
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Everyone knows Darren Stevens was an ad man. But what was the name of the agency that employed him?
Montague & Tate
McMann & Tate
Sterling Cooper & Tate