The Penultimate Spinal Tap Quiz

Every other person I know says he/she loves the movie This is Spinal Tap. Whelp, it's time to separate the real diehards from the wannabes. It's time to get serious - as serious as one can get with a band that penned songs called "No Place Like Nowhere" and "Smell the Glove." Think of this as the warmup quiz for next week's ULTIMATE Tap Quiz. Have fun with it, and remember: Rock n Roll!

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According to Nigel, which is the saddest of all keys?
E minor
D minor
C minor
B minor
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When the band arrives at the airport they are greeted by a limo driver holding up a sign that reads:
Spinal Tarp
Spinal Pap
Spinal Rap
Pinal Sap
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The last line of dialogue in the film is
David: "You cant print that."
Nigel: "Well, I don't know, what are the hours?"
Jeanine: "If I told them once, I told them a hundred times: put Spinal Tap first and Puppet show last.
David: "It's a freein' up, idnit?"
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Nigel refers to "Lick My Love Pump" as being influenced by Bach and Mozart. He says it's like a
Bozart piece
Bachzart piece
Mach piece
Machzart piece
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What is the name of this song?
"Rock N Roll Creation"
"Saliva Of The Fittest"
"Intravenus De Milo"
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The musical that Derek and David once talked about writing is based on the life of?
Mark David Chapman
John Lennon
Jack the Ripper
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Who wrote "Jazz Odyssey"?
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Nigel quits the band during a gig at?
a theme park
an air force base
a college pub
a carnival
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According to a radio DJ, in what category does the band now reside?
the one-hit wonder category
the where are they now category
the 6-feet under category
the hall of fame category
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In what city does the band get stuck in the backstage labyrinth?