The Ultimate Spinal Tap Quiz - Part II

If you missed our Penultimate Spinal Tap Quiz, go check that out before taking this one. It's a good warmup for this Ultimate Tap knowledge tester, which, of course, in addition to being harder, also goes to 11.

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What year was Smell the Glove released?
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The Stonehenge set mishap is a parody of an actual Stonehenge set mishap that happened to what real band?
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden
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David St. Hubbins is named after Saint Hubbins, who David says is the
Patron Saint of rock and roll
Patron Saint of quality men's wear
Patron Saint of underwear
Patron Saint of quality footwear
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Complete this quote by Nigel: "We’ve got, you know, ________ in our ________. I mean it’s really quite frightening."
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Which drummer is the last drummer to play with the band in the film?
Peter James Bond
Bobby "Stumpy" Flekman
Joe "Stumpy" Pepys
Joe "Mama" Besser
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Which drummer died in a bizarre gardening accident?
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
John "Stumpy" Pepys
Joe "Mama" Besser
Peter James Bond
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Duke Fame's manager accidentally calls Ian
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Talking about the success of “Listen to the Flower People,” Derek says
“We toured the world and Asia.”
“We toured the world and elsewhere.”
“We toured all over the world and other worlds.”
“We toured the land and the sea.”
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What is the name of this song?
"All the Way Home"
"Blue Ball Blues"
"Home on the Train"
"The Train Ride Blues"
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The name of the rock club in Greenwich Village that Marty DiBergi first hears the boys play is called
The Banana Peel
The Electric Banana
The Bruised Banana
The Green Banana
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What's the name of the brand of amplifier that goes to 11 for Nigel?