The Schoolhouse Rock Anti-Trivia Quiz

Yeah, yeah, we all remember the Verb superhero and Interplanet Janet. But with school starting up again, the important question is this: how much useful information did you gain from all those Saturday mornings spent absorbing the Schoolhouse Rock canon?

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What happens to a bill that the President of the United States has vetoed?
It moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate.
It returns to Congress for further voting.
The Speaker of the House breaks the deadlock.
The bill dies.
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What is described as the "pressure" that pushes electrical current?
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"Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla" is a:
Proper noun
Common noun
Collective noun
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Which of our solar system's planets has a severe axial tilt?
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Who discovered that the gravitational pull of two objects is determined by their size and their distance from each other?
Galileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
James Clerk Maxwell
Tycho Brahe
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Who invented the sewing machine?
Thomas Edison
Samuel Morse
Elias Howe
Samuel Slater
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Who was King of England during the Revolutionary War?
George III
Henry XII
Phillip VI
William IV
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Adverbs deal with all of the following EXCEPT which?
Condition and reason
Comparison and contrast
Manner, place, and time
Quantity and value
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What do we call the principle that no branch of government can wield more power than another?
Distribution of Sovereignty
Equal Jurisdiction
Checks and Balances
Reciprocal Authority
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Which sub-system of the human nervous system makes you blush when embarrassed?
Autonomic system
Somatic nervous system
Central nervous system
Enteric system
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Every sentence has a subject and... what?
An object
A participle
A gerund
A predicate
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Who was NOT one of the Committee of Five that drafted the Declaration of Independence?
Benjamin Franklin
James Madison
John Adams
Roger Sherman