Name All 32 Starting QBs

The NFL season kicks off tonight, as the Washington Redskins visit the New York Giants. To make sure you're sufficiently prepared for some football, let's see how many of the 32 opening weekend starting QBs you can name in 5 minutes. If you haven't been following last minute injuries and watching the waiver wire, some of these starters may surprise you. Except for the brothers Manning, you just have to enter each quarterback's last name. If you'd like to make your crazy NFL '08 predictions, head on over to our blog.

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Name All 32 Starting QBs
Tom Brady|Brady|T. Brady
Peyton Manning|P. Manning
Ben Roethlisberger|Roethlisberger|Big Ben
Carson Palmer|Palmer|C. Palmer
Drew Brees|Brees|D. Brees
David Garrard|Garrard|D. Garrard
Eli Manning|E. Manning
Tony Romo|T. Romo|Romo
Matt Hasselbeck|Hasselbeck|M. Hasselbeck
Donovan McNabb|McNabb|D. McNabb
Jeff Garcia|Garcia|J. Garcia
Phillip Rivers|Phil Rivers|P. Rivers|Rivers
Matt Schaub|Schaub|M. Schaub
Derek Anderson|D. Anderson|Anderson
Marc Bulger|M. Bulger|Bulger
Jake Delhomme|Delhomme|J. Delhomme
Jay Cutler|J. Cutler|Cutler
Jason Campbell|J. Campbell|Campbell
Jon Kitna|Kitna|J. Kitna|John Kitna
Vince Young|V. Young|Young
Brett Favre|Favre|B. Favre
Trent Edwards|T. Edwards|Edwards
Kurt Warner|Warner|K. Warner
Matt Ryan|Ryan|M. Ryan
JaMarcus Russell|Russell|J. Russell
Aaron Rodgers|A. Rodgers|Rodgers|A-Rod
Joe Flacco|Flacco|J. Flacco
Brodie Croyle|B. Croyle|Croyle
J. T. O'Sullivan|JT O'Sullivan|O'Sullivan|J.T.O. Sullivan|JTO Sullivan|J. O'Sullivan
Kyle Orton|K. Orton|Orton
Tarvaris Jackson|T. Jackson|Jackson
Chad Pennington|Pennington|C. Pennington