Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves

Professional wrestling might be fake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have real knowledge of how your childhood favorites finished their matches. Take our quiz to see how well you remember the end of exciting tilts in the squared circle.

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Bret Hart’s trademark submission finisher was the Sharpshooter. Which of his contemporaries used a similar hold to make opponents tap out?
Davey Boy Smith
Scott Steiner
Scott Hall
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What finisher did Jerry “The King” Lawler use to send Andy Kaufman to the hospital?
Frog splash
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Which move was never The Rock’s usual finisher at any point in his career?
The People's Elbow
Running shoulderbreaker
The Rock Bottom
Shooting Star Press
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Jeff Jarrett is known for his “El Kabong” maneuver where he bashes an opponent over the head with what?
Steel chair
His fist
Acoustic guitar
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Which member of the Four Horsemen used the Gourdbuster as his finisher?
Ole Anderson
Tully Blanchard
Am Anderson
Barry Windham
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What top-rope maneuver did Randy Savage use to end matches?
Diving Leg Drop
Diving Elbow Drop
Flying headbutt
Missile drop kick
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What move did the Iron Sheik usually use to finish off his opponents?
Camel Clutch
Cobra Clutch
Ankle lock
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Jake “The Snake” Roberts allegedly accidentally invented what move when he fell down while putting an opponent in a hold?
The brainbuster
The Death Valley driver
Russian legsweep
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Which of the following wrestlers didn't used the chokeslam as a finisher?
Andre the Giant
The Undertaker
The Big Show
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Which of the following grapplers didn’t use the figure-four leglock as a finisher?
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Ric Flair
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers
Dean Malenko
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What wrestler applied his Bionic Elbow finisher as part of his patented “clubberings?”
Lex Luger
Dusty Rhodes
Harley Race
Bruno Sammartino
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Ted DiBiase’s “Million Dollar Dream” finisher was actually what move?
Cobra clutch
Leg drop
Sleeper hold