Found in the British Museum

My fiancé and I were in London this past June, and we made our way to the British Museum. Today's quiz was inspired by the oddities we stumbled across.

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What's this?
An ancient Indian fertility god
An artifact from the Nicobar Islands used to ward off evil
A children's doll from the Carteret Islands
The world's first Muppet
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What jewelry store used to own this crystal skull?
Harry Winston
Tiffany and Co.
David Yurman
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Don’t let Aphrodite’s coy look fool you, she is not one to be crossed. Name one of the punishments she inflicted upon mortals who dared challenge her.
She forced someone to dance with the ugliest man on earth for eternity.
She cursed a woman with never-ending lust for her father.
She turned a man into a goat for not loving her.
She made a woman drink wine until she exploded.
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Why does this Assyrian Human-Headed Lion have five legs?
The sculptor was drunk.
Because all Human-Headed Lions are born that way, duh.
It’s an attempt to appease the gods by creating art that is less than perfect thereby reminding the gods that only they are perfect.
It's all about the angles, my friend. With the added leg, he now has four legs whether you look at him from the front or stare at him from the side.
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Amenhotep III really liked to look at himself. He even holds the record for having the most surviving statues of any Egyptian Pharaoh. About how many statues of his likeness have been found to date?
More than 250
More than 100
About 79
Just less than 1,000
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This statue of a very, very large horse was once part of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Which one?
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Oh dear. Greece would really like those Parthenon statues back. Name one of the countries whose Government passed a motion urging the British Museum to hand them over.
New Zealand
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Who "borrowed" this four ton Moai from Easter Island?
William Hodges
Richard Ashmore Powell
Captain James Cook
Jean-François de Galaup
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If you’re ever visited by the three Nereids, you’re:
About to be wronged by a lover
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This work is:
A sketch of Leonardo da Vinci's wife
A work by Michelangelo of the Virgin Mary
A cartoon drawn by Michelangelo
An unflattering portrayal of the Pope as a woman by da Vinci
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At the end of World War I, where was the Rosetta Stone placed for safe keeping?
Underneath Westminster Abbey
Windsor Palace
At a tube station on the Postal Tube Railway
In an underground vault at Harrod's
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In the 16th century, Mummies were frequently:
Used as coffee tables.
Chopped up and fed to people as a cure for broken bones.
Decapitated and had their heads used as dinner centerpieces.
Dressed up and used as a security measure for women traveling alone.