The 'Straight, Cash Homey' Obscure Jersey Quiz

It takes a special kind of fan to keep wearing a player’s jersey when it’s ridiculously out-of-date but hasn’t developed any cachet as a throwback. It also takes a special kind of fan to recognize one of these gems when they see it. We teamed up with the guys from the bad jersey blog Straight Cash, Homey to put together this little quiz. How well do you know your past-their-prime jerseys?

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What former Jets gunslinging QB wore this jersey?
Glenn Foley
Tom Tupa
Ray Lucas
Neil O'Donnell
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What Red Sox icon's jersey is shown here?
Sam Horn
Marty Barrett
Sam Malone
Spike Owen
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What Lions wideout wore this #88?
Herman Moore
Charles Rogers
Tai Streets
Mike Williams
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What erstwhile Eagles QB’s jersey is this guy styling?
Koy Detmer
Ty Detmer
Bobby Hoying
Rodney Peete
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What Cavaliers icon sported this jersey?
Larry Nance
Shawn Kemp
Danny Ferry
Mark Price
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What Dallas Maverick suited up in this jersey?
A.C. Green
Wang Zhizhi
Popeye Jones
Sean Bradley
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What Bears QB who could make even Kyle Orton look like a star wore this jersey?
Cade McNown
Mike Tomczak
Brian Griese
Rick Mirer
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What Dolphins running back rocked this #33?
Ricky Williams
Bernie Parmalee
Stanley Pritchett
Karim Abdul-Jabbar
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What former Suns point guard’s jersey is this?
Jason Kidd
Sam Cassell
Penny Hardaway
Stephon Marbury
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What ill-fated Cowboys QB’s jersey is this?
Drew Henson
Quincy Carter
Ryan Leaf
Drew Bledsoe
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What former Celtics “great” wore this jersey?
Robert Parish
Rick Fox
Xavier McDaniel
Eric Montross
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What former Chargers icon’s jersey is this?
Stan Humphries
Doug Flutie
Ryan Leaf
Jim Harbaugh