Bill Nye The Science Guy: The Quiz

Our Beakman's World quiz was a hit, so we thought we'd spread the love and embrace the other major kid's science show. How much do you know about Bill Nye the Science Guy?

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In the opening theme, how many times is Bill’s first name said?
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Bill, an environmentalist, has been involved in a rather high-profile “competition” with what actor, with the two of them escalating the amount they spend on making their house more carbon-neutral?
Brad Pitt
Ed Begley Jr.
William H. Macy
Steve Buscemi
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One popular segment was the fast fact titled “Did you know that?” What phrase would the announcer use to close those segments?
"Now you know!"
"Back to you, Bill!"
"That's amazing!"
"I didn't know that!"
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More on those music videos: Three of these choices were real songs performed on the show, one I just made up. Which is the phony one?
“Bill’s Got Boat” by Sure Floats-a-lot (Buoyancy)
“AC/DC Charge” by Billy Ray Circuits (Electricity)
“Baby I Love Your Wave” by Big Amplitude (Waves)
“R-r-r-r-ranges” by David Prairie (Ecosystems)
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Every episode closed with a music video featuring a song parody. What was the record company that produced each of those videos?
Science Rocks Records
Bill Nye Records
Not that Bad Records
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According to, what is Bill’s favorite experiment?
Making a straw “bend” in water because of light diffusion
Making a feather and a brick fall at the same speed
Making a white rose turn blue using natural food dyes and water
Blowing up a balloon using a baking soda and vinegar reaction
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Each episode of Bill’s show focused on one topic, studying it in depth. What was the subject of his pilot episode?
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What channel did Bill Nye the Science Guy originally run on?
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Even though Bill Nye had a pretty cushy TV gig, he missed out on his dream job. According to an interview in the St. Petersburg Times, what job did Nye apply for a few times, only to be rejected?
Professional baseball player
NASA astronaut
Professor of physics at Oxford
Dancer in the New York Ballet
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Bill has been continuing his successful TV career. Of the following, which was not a post-Science Guy gig for Bill?
Multi-episode guest spot on "Numb3rs"
Technical adviser for "BattleBots"
Expert for the "Ask the Expert" lifeline on "Who Wants to be a MIllionaire"
Writing adviser for "Lost," which he parlayed into a cameo appearance