Super Nintendo Quiz

We’ve tested your knowledge of all things related to the original Nintendo Entertainment System before, but how well do you know its popular successor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? Let's find out.

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What cartoon series had its first episode animated on Mario Paint?
Family Guy
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Homestar Runner
South Park
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What wasn’t the name of a cup circuit in the original Super Mario Kart?
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Who was the Glass Joe equivalent players fought in the first bout on Super Punch-Out!!?
Gentle Jim
Fragile Fred
Gabby Jay
Sweet Simon
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Characters from what other NES classic teamed up with the Double Dragon characters to make a crossover SNES game?
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Ninja Gaiden
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Who was the final boss in the SNES version of Mortal Kombat?
Shang Tsung
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Who was Scottie Pippen’s teammate on the Chicago Bulls in the original SNES NBA Jam?
Michael Jordan
Horace Grant
B.J. Armstrong
Dennis Rodman
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Which of the following games used the Super FX chip to accelerate graphics display?
Star Fox
Mortal Kombat II
Revolution X
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What SNES game featured a controllable Elvis impersonator named “Blue Suede Goo”?
Killer Instinct
Earthworm Jim
Final Fight
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Which race driver didn’t have an SNES title named after him?
Al Unser
Dale Earnhardt
Kyle Petty
Michael Andretti
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In Donkey Kong Country, what is Diddy Kong’s relationship to Donkey Kong?
Little brother
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What hard-rocking band did the theme for Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage?
Green Jelly
Iron Maiden
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What power-up did Mario need to find in Super Mario World to get his cape?
A wing
A leaf
A mushroom
A feather
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What wasn’t an event in Pilotwings?
Rocket belt
Light plane
Hang glider
Sky surfing