The West Wing Quiz

How well do you know your fictitious American history? Here are ten questions about the Bartlet Administration and Aaron Sorkin's West Wing universe.

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Of the following Bartlet staff members, who joined the campaign first?
Toby Ziegler
C.J. Cregg
Josh Lyman
Sam Seaborn
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According to Aaron Sorkin, which of the following actors was not on the "idea list" for who could play the President?
Sidney Poitier
Warren Beatty
Alan Alda
Jason Robards
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What was Bob Russell's job before he replaced John Hoynes as Vice President?
Secretary of State
Senator from West Virginia
Congressman from Colorado
Governor of New Mexico
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Who did White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg tap to fill the void left by Josh Lyman, who left the White House to run the Santos campaign?
Will Bailey
Donnatella Moss
Ainsley Hayes
Cliff Calley
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Which one is Ed?
(<---) The guy on the left
The guy on the right (--->)
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After resigning the Vice Presidency, John Hoynes was paid a $5 million advance to write a tell-all book. What was the title?
Hoynes for America
Talking Points
Full Disclosure
Reclaiming the American Dream
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During the State of the Union, one member of the cabinet in the line of Presidential succession is selected as the designated survivor and hidden for the duration of the event. Who does President Bartlet choose as the designated survivor during his second State of the Union, in the season one episode "He Shall, From Time To Time..."?
Mitch Bryce, Secretary of Commerce
Roger Tribbey, Secretary of Agriculture
Jack Buckland, Secretary of Labor
Miles Hutchinson, Secretary of Defense
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Which character was not shot during the 2000 assassination attempt in Rosslyn, Virginia?
President Josiah Bartlet
Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff
Ron Butterfield, Secret Service Agent
Charlie Young, Personal Aide to the President
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Where did Sam Seaborn attend law school?
University of California, Berkeley
School of Law
Duke University School of Law
Harvard Law School
University of California, Los Angeles
School of Law
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Which of the following actors did not appear on The West Wing?
Dennis Haskins ("Mr. Belding" on Saved by the Bell)
Allison Smith ("Jennie Lowell" on Kate & Allie)
Danica McKellar ("Winnie Cooper" on The Wonder Years)
Marc Price ("Irwin 'Skippy' Handelman" on Family Ties)