The Signature Sneaker Quiz

Every basketball player still wants to be like Mike, and not just on the court. If you want to achieve a Jordan-esque cultural impact, you need your own signature shoes. How well do you know the sneakers that your favorite players laced up?

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For what shoe company did young Hornets star Larry Johnson memorably cross-dress as “Grandmama?”
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Who made these signature kicks for Patrick Ewing?
Patrick Ewing
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Nike made this, um, interesting model, the Air Bakin, as a signature shoe for what player?
Rasheed Wallace
Damon Stoudamire
Tim Hardaway
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Dada made these monstrosities that came complete with spinning rims for what player?
Latrell Sprewell
Tracy McGrady
Allen Iverson
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Who memorably pumped up his Reebok Pumps before winning the Slam Dunk Contest in 1991?
Rex Chapman
Dee Brown
Shawn Kemp
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Who won an NBA All Star Game MVP award in 1994 while wearing these flashy kicks?
Hakeem Olajuwon
Dominique Wilkins
Scottie Pippen
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Nike introduced this futuristic shoe, the Foamposite One in 1997. Who was the signature endorser?
Charles Barkley
Grant Hill
Penny Hardaway
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What company used such luminaries as Xavier McDaniel and Derrick Coleman to hawk their Dymacel technology?
British Knights
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Which of the following players endorsed LA Gear’s Catapult sneakers?
Mark Price
Dominique Wilkins
Karl Malone
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In what year did Nike sell the first Air Jordans?
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Whose signature shoes were these Nike Air Zoom Flight Fives when they were introduced in 1996?
Penny Hardaway
Chris Weber
Jason Kidd
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In what year did Converse introduce “The Weapon,” which was worn by many stars and led to this unforgettable commercial?