What's Up, Doc? A Bugs Bunny Quiz

Sure, you know a little something about Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. And sure, you know the name of the man who voiced Bugs Bunny for so many of the great Looney Tunes cartoons. But how easily can you ID the lesser-known characters? How well do you know some of the Bugs Bunny plot twists, or the lyrics he was fond of singing? Take our What's Up, Doc? Quiz and find out.

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In the 1947 cartoon “Slick Hare,” which real-life celebrity does NOT appear as a cartoon character?
Frank Sinatra
Groucho Marx
Carmen Miranda
Lauren Bacall
Fred Astaire
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The correct name of this turtle is?
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In the 1949 cartoon, "What's Up, Doc?" Bugs appears with a group of chorus boys singing what lyric?
Oh, here’s a rootin’ chorus you don’t already know, a real tootin’ chorus, that we sing in the show.
Oh, we're the boys of the chorus, we hope you like our show, we know you're rooting for us, but now we have to go.
Oh, here’s a little chorus you really oughtta know, so give a little listen, and we’ll get on with the show.
Oh, we're the little chorus, and this is our show, you know you're singing with us, but that’s not how the words go.
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In the following clip, "Leopold" refers to what famous musician?
Leopold Mozart
Leopold Stokowski
Leopold Godowsky
Leopold Hofmann
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What is this character's correct name?
Marvin the Martian
Max the Martian
Monty the Martian
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One of the catchphrases in the previous question was first made popular by Groucho Marx. Which one?
"Ain't I a stinker?"
"Which way did he go, boss?"
"Out of my way, varmint!"
"Of course you realize, this means war!"
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In addition to "What’s up, Doc?" what famous catchphrase did Bugs often employ?
a) "Ain't I a stinker?"
d) "Out of my way, varmint!"
b) "Of course you realize, this means war!"
e) a and b
c) "Which way did he go, boss?"
f) none of the above
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What are the correct names of these two thugs?
Rocky and Mugsy
Mugsy and Babyface Spinster
Rocky and Big Joey
Little Al and Big Mugsy
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What is the correct name of the character pictured with Bugs?
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The following clip is from a 1948 cartoon called "Rabbit Punch." In round 110, the final scene, Crusher ties Bugs to the railroad tracks and sets his steam engine full speed ahead toward our hero. How does Bugs escape certain death this time?
Crusher leans his head too far out the train window and gets caught up in telephone lines, taking the train off course at the last second.
The film appears to fall out of its sprockets and then "breaks" before the train runs over Bugs.
Bugs slips out of the ropes at the last second and is able to tie Crusher up on the track in his place.
We never find out exactly. Just before the train runs over Bugs, the cartoon cuts back to the boxing ring and Bugs is proclaimed new "World Champion!" Crusher can be seen in the background, bound to his chair with the same rope used to tie up Bugs to the train tracks.