The Oscar Biopics Quiz

As we approach Oscar season, one film that's getting some buzz is "Milk," the Harvey Milk biopic. We're taking a look back at the famous biopics to show at the Oscars. Get all 10 right, we might think about memorializing you in film.

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What was the first biopic to win Best Picture at the Oscars?
The Private Life of Henry VIII
Ben Hur
The Life of Emile Zola
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“A Beautiful Mind” took home the Best Picture award in 2002 for its look at John Nash. However, the film was plagued with inaccuracies, prompting a good deal of criticism. Of the following, which was not a factual problem?
Nash’s real hallucinations were only auditory, but the film showed visual hallucinations as well
Nash stopped taking medicine in 1970, but the film makes references to him taking a new drug in 1994
Nash never made an acceptance speech for his Nobel Prize, despite what was shown in the film
Nash is shown to have met Dwight D. Eisenhower at MIT, though no such meeting ever took place
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Robert DeNiro’s dedication to portraying Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull” earned him an Oscar. Even though he is most well-known for his weight gain, what else did he do to ensure the movie’s accuracy?
He gained most of the weight by eating pork chops and Snickers, LaMotta’s favorite foods
He and Joe Pesci really punched each other during the “hit me” scene
He asked LaMotta for real pieces of clothing that he could wear during filming.
He boxed against three of LaMotta’s former opponents, just to see what it was like
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Preparing a biopic usually requires some fancy makeup work. Which of these biopics didn’t win the Oscar for best makeup?
Ed Wood
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Who is the only actor to get an Oscar nod for playing another acting Oscar nominee?
Robert Downey Jr.
Johnny Depp
Sean Penn
Will Smith
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From 2003-2007, four of the five Best Actress winners were won by actresses playing real people. Which actress was the only one to win for a fictional role?
Charlize Theron
Hillary Swank
Reese Witherspoon
Helen Mirren
Marion Cotillard
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From 2002-2006, four of the five winners of the Best Actor Oscar were actors playing real people. Which actor was the only one to win for a fictional role?
Forest Whitaker
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jamie Foxx
Sean Penn
Adrien Brody
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Cate Blanchett scored two Oscar nominations for her role as what historical queen?
Queen Victoria
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Mary I
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In 1966, biopic “A Man for All Seasons” won Best Picture. Who is the subject of the film?
Oliver Cromwell
Sir Thomas More
King Richard I
William Shakespeare
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2004 was a particularly good year for biopics. Of the five Best Picture nominees, how many were biographical?