Name the Muppet Babies in 5 Minutes

There were eight main Muppet Babies under Nanny’s watch, plus two semi-regular guests. (We’re not including Baby Bean Bunny or Baby Robin, mostly because I don’t remember them at all.) Can you name them in 5 minutes?

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Name the Muppet Babies in 5 Minutes
Baby Kermit|Kermit
Baby Piggy|Piggy|Miss Piggy|Baby Miss Piggy
Baby Gonzo|Gonzo
Baby Fozzie|Fozzie|Fozzie Bear|Baby Fozzie Bear
Baby Scooter|Scooter
Baby Skeeter|Skeeter
Baby Animal|Animal
Baby Rowlf|Rowlf
Baby Bunsen|Dr. Bunsen Honeydew|Bunsen|Dr. Bunsen
Baby Beaker|Beaker