Jack Donaghy: The Quiz

Earlier this year, Alec Baldwin took home his second Golden Globe for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. Let's see how well you know this celebrated character.

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What does Jack "figure out" the first time he meets someone?
Their socio-economic status
Whether or not they're a Princeton alumnus
Their weight
How he's going to fight them
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Jack reveals that NBC invented a number of fake Olympic sports so the United States could win more metals. Which one of these was NOT one of the fictional sports Jack talks about?
Synchronized running
Octuples tennis
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In the episode where Jack fights with his family, what are his "fist names"?
St. Patrick and St. Michael
Bono and Sandra Day O'Connor
Yates and Beckett
Tip O'Neill and Bobby Sands
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When Jack negotiates with Conan O'Brien about letting Tracy on his show, he tells Conan that they could do it the easy way, or the hard way. What is the hard way?
Dick Cheney becomes Conan's co-host when the Bush administration leaves office.
Conan does a live Christmas Eve special from Kabul every year until the war on terror is won.
Jack will force Conan to star with Jenna in The Rural Juror sequel.
Jack will tell NBC Universal to run episodes of Jay Leno's show back-to-back to supplant Conan's air time.
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What is the title of the book Jack wrote?
How to Un-backwards Backwards Synergy Overflow
Jack Attack: The Art of Aggression in Business
Buying the Future--Dow 150,000
Riding Business Like A Glistening Horse
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Where does Jack go when he's horny?
The New York Stock Exchange
Christie's Auction House
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When he was younger, Jack was a star hockey player and a gifted...?
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What woman is Jack having relationship trouble with when Dennis Duffy steps in with some useful advice for him?
Ann Coulter
Condoleezza Rice
Maureen Dowd
Barbara Streisand
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When Jack sits in as one of the writers of TGS as part of GE's "Six Sigma Executive Training Course," what cartoon does he suggest the writers recreate to get some laughs from the audience?
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How old was Jack when his mother Colleen tried to send him to Vietnam to "make a man out of him"?
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What does Jack need to hold in order to feel comfortable on camera when he has trouble preparing to play a brief role in a TGS With Tracy Jordan skit?
$100 bills
Coffee mugs
Stress balls
The Wall Street Journal
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Jack also develops the concept of the "Three Bs" at Liz's reunion. What are the "Three Bs"?
Beers, boats and buds
Bourbon, buck-hunting and bingo
Business synergy, brand revitalization and bolstered profit margins
Brilliance, banking and business sense
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When Jack assumes the persona of Larry Braverman at Liz's high school reunion, what two things does he claim to use in order to "cope" with his problems?
Money and power
Republican ethics and Bush-like compassion
Sex and awesomeness
Corporate influence and prophecy
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What phrase does Jack use in reference to a person's hair?
"Your essence"
"Your head suit"
"Your power source"
"Your manhood"
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When Jack leaves GE after losing the CEO position he coveted, where does he end up working?
The Department of Homeland Security
The Securities and Exchange Commission
The Sheinhardt Wig Company