Ralph Wiggum: The Quiz

How much do you know about Springfield's most endearing goofball? When you're done with the quiz, feel free to share your own favorite Ralph memories, since I'm sure we haven't covered everything.

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How does Lisa's bad tap-dancing make Ralph's feet feel?
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When Ralph shows up for his play-date with Bart in The Little Wiggy episode, what does he have stuck on his tongue?
A rubber band
A piece of string
A gummy bear
A finger trap
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What state does Ralph "dress up" as on the day he and Lisa win awards for having had no help from their parents when making their costumes?
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Who is Ralph named after?
Brian Ralph
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Kramden
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What role in the school play does Ralph perform to critical acclaim?
George Washington
Stanley Kowalski
Abraham Lincoln
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What is the name of the closet in Chief Wiggum's room that Bart and Ralph are not allowed to go into in the episode where they are play-dates?
Super-secret awesome closet
The closet of a thousand funs
The secret fascination closet
Forbidden closet of mysteries
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Why did Ralph have the best summer ever?
A doctor told him that both his eyes are lazy.
He got to play with his dad's gun.
He learned how to wet the bed.
He forgot how to pick his nose.
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What does Ralph become in his sleep, which makes him so excited to doze off?
An astronaut
A gorilla
A cat
A viking
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How does Ralph mistakenly refer to Superintendent Chalmers?
Super Inventor Chalmers
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Super Perfecto Chalmers
Super Inspector Chalmers
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What does Ralph think about the possibility of him failing English class?
That it's "ridicerous."
That it's "esturd."
That it's "unpossible."
That it's "enprobable."
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What does Ralph like about the two cards he receives from Lisa in the episode where she breaks his heart at the taping of a Krusty the Clown special?
One has a boat and the other has an ant
One has a car and the other has a frog
One has a train and the other has a bee
One has a bike and the other has a snail
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What does Ralph say when he cuts his finger on a knife?
"It's all sharp and sting-y."
"It's all sharp and bleed-y."
"It's all sharp and cut-y."
"It's all sharp and hurt-y."
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When Ralph eats the wild berries in the Lord of the Flies episode, how does he describe their taste?
"They taste like burning."
"They taste like poison."
"They taste like dying."
"They taste like fire."
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What mythological creature urges Ralph to "burn things"?
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Where does Coach Flanders tell Ralph he'll play in the episode where the children join a Pee-Wee Football team because they're getting too fat?
Bench shiner
Water runner
Back-up punter
Special teams