So, Where'd You Go To College? (Movie Star Edition)

The deadline for our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway is fast approaching. All you have to do is tell us, in 750 words or less, why you should win. But you have to tell us by January 31st. If you win one of our scholarships, go on to college and then make it big in the world of film, perhaps we'll include you in a future edition of the "So, Where'd You Go To College?" game.

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Will Ferrell
University of Southern California
New York University
University of California, Berkeley
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Reese Witherspoon attended classes for one year at which school?
Stanford University
Louisiana State University
University of Georgia
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Paul Giamatti
University of Chicago
Colby College
Yale University
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Geena Davis
Dartmouth College
Boston University
Williams College
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Owen Wilson
University of Florida
University of Texas
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Denzel Washington
Fordham University
Rutgers University
St. Joseph's University
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Laura Linney
Brown University
Vanderbilt University
Villanova University
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Jodie Foster
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Kevin Costner
Oregon State University
Cal State Fullerton
Iowa State University
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Julianne Moore
University of North Carolina
Davidson College
Boston University