Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride

As I've said time and again, I'm really not a chick flick kind of a girl. Zombies, those are more up my alley. But it would take a pretty cold heart to not love The Princess Bride - even guys seem to appreciate its humor and sword fights. Or maybe they just want to be the Dread Pirate Roberts. What? You just want to take the quiz?

As you wish.

(C'mon, I had to work it in somewhere.)

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You may have recognized the Grandpa from somewhere else. What famous T.V. role did he play?
Perry Mason
The Six Million Dollar Man
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Why does Miracle Max hate Prince Humperdinck?
Humperdinck made miracle-making an outlawed practice.
Humperdinck never paid for a miracle that Max performed to make him handsome.
Miracle Max worked for the King for years, until Humperdinck fired him.
We never find out.
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Whose Chicago Bears jersey does Fred Savage sport?
Walter Payton
William "Refrigerator" Perry
Jim McMahon
Mike Singletary
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Who provided the "voice" of the ROUSes?
Cary Elwes
Robin Wright
Rob Reiner
Andre the Giant
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Complete the sentence: "Never go in against a ________ when death is on the line!!"
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If you wanted to visit the Cliffs of Insanity in real life, what country would you have to travel to?
The U.S.
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Mandy Patinkin says he sustained what injury on set?
A bruised rib from trying not to laugh at Billy Crystal while in character.
A slash on his right forearm from the sword fighting scene at the Cliffs of Insanity.
A bruise on his leg from running into the catering table.
A sore neck from looking up at Andre the Giant all of the time.
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Chris Sarandon, AKA Prince Humperdinck, is the voice of what other royal character?
Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid
Aladdin/Prince Ali from Aladdin
Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas
The King of Hearts from American McGee's Alice
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What does "ROUS" stand for?
Ridiculously Old, Unidentified Species
Rodents of Unusual Size
Really Odd, Ugly Squirrels
We don't ever find out.
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Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits agreed to do the soundtrack on one condition: that Rob Reiner include a prop from one of his previous movies in The Princess Bride. What was the prop?
A beer can from The Sure Thing.
A pack of cigarettes from Stand By Me.
The wagon wheel coffee table from When Harry Met Sally.
The hat he wore in This is Spinal Tap.
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The book the movie is based on is attributed to William Goldman's pseudonym. What's the name?
H. Morgenstern
S. Morgenstern
H. Rosenbaum
S. Rosenbaum
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Which actress DIDN'T audition for the part of Buttercup?
Courteney Cox
Uma Thurman
Amy Yasbeck