Favorite Movies: Edward Scissorhands

I could wax poetic about all the things I love about Edward Scissorhands – the movie's depth, poignancy, superb all-around acting, love story and inescapable artiness...but I'll save you all the time. Also – I promise not to use the word "wax" again unless I am (for reasons not readily apparent) writing about candles.

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The machines the Inventor used, which inspired Edward's creation, mainly manufactured which product?
Dog food
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What does Edward accept as payment in exchange for his gardening work?
Ambrosia salad
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What does Edward lack that prompts the banker to tell him he "might as well not exist" when he tries to get a loan to start his hair salon?
A credit history
Collateral assets
A social security number
A driver's license
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What game does Kevin quickly tire of playing with Edward?
Pick-Up Stix
Rock, Paper, Scissors
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Bill's impromptu ethics test at dinner involves a hypothetical situation in which a person finds a bag of money on the ground. He asks Edwards what that person should do with the money, and Edward fails the test by answering...?
"Give it to the police."
"Give it to my friends and loved ones."
"Take the money and put it in the bank."
"Start up a hair salon."
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What is Bill watching on TV in the backyard when Esmeralda storms in to curse Edward for being the spawn of Satan?
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The moody signature soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands was written by which famed composer?
Randy Newman
John Williams
Howard Shore
Danny Elfman
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When Jim tricks Edward into helping him break into his father's house, Edward wears which university's hat during the raid?
James Madison University
The University of Virginia
William and Mary University
Georgetown University
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What type of salad does Joyce offer Edward at his introductory barbeque?
Potato salad
Macaroni salad
Egg salad
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When Bill gives Edward some hard liquor after Kim freaks out because she finds Edward in her bed, what does he tell Edward it is?
Iced Tea
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What "boring" reading are Edward and The Inventor engaged in before switching over to poetry?
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When Edward is in jail after being busted for breaking into Jim's house, what do Peg and Bill blame his disrespect for the law on?
The years of isolation
The failed hair salon
His being electrocuted after touching a microphone
Television programs