Favorite Movies: The Usual Suspects

Bryan Singer's The Usual Suspects has just about the greatest twist in movie history and is one of the best action movies. How well do you know the movie? Just a warning, in case you haven't seen it, there may be some spoilers in the quiz.

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What movie does the title “The Usual Suspects” come from?
Double Indemnity
Dr. No
The Maltese Falcon
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How many actors play Keyser Soze throughout the movie?
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According to Verbal Kint’s story, what is Keyser Soze’s nationality?
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How many Oscar wins did The Usual Suspects rack up?
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Although The Usual Suspects was widely praised, not all critics liked it. Who award the film only 1-and-a-half stars and wrote “To the degree that I do understand, I don't care?”
A.O. Scott
Gene Shalit
Roger Ebert
Anthony Lane
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Who was Dean Keaton’s girlfriend, who Kobayashi uses to convince the criminals to go along with his plan?
Julie Jones, a photographer
Emily Baer, a police officer
Edie Finneran, a lawyer
Rebecca Kujan, a detective’s sister
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Which of the following steps did Kevin Spacey not take to make his character’s disability seem more realistic?
Gluing the fingers on his left hand together
Stepping on his foot in between takes so he would limp
Filing down his shoes
Researching cerebral palsy with doctors and patients
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For what crime are the five criminals arrested for at the beginning of the story, leading to them banding together?
A boat explosion
A jewelry heist
A truck hijacking
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According to Benicio del Toro, why did he decide to make Fenster’s accent indecipherable?
Because his character was going to die early, so he just wanted to have fun
He cut his tongue before the first day of filming, so he actually couldn't speak
The director, screenwriter and his agent each told him to try a different accent, so he just combined them
He was trying to irritate Bryan Singer
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At one point in the movie, Benicio del Toro says, “He'll flip ya'. Flip ya' for real.” That line is a direct quote from what jazz pianist?
Dave Brubeck
Thelonious Monk
Bill Evans
Oscar Peterson
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Because the producers wanted a big star attached to the project, they tried to sign a big name for the relatively minor role of Redfoot. After offers from Charlie Sheen, Johnny Cash and Tommy Lee Jones were rebuffed, who got the part?
Christopher Walken
James Spader
Peter Greene
Al Pacino
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From left to right, in what order to the five actors appear in the lineup on the film’s poster?
Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Toro, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak
del Toro, Spacey, Byrne, Baldwin, Pollak
Pollak, Baldwin, Byrne, del Toro, Spacey
Pollak, Baldwin, Spacey, Byrne, del Toro
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Where did McQuarrie come up with the names of almost every character in the movie?
Characters from Elmore Leonard novels
Randomly flipping through slang dictionaries
His co-workers at a law firm
He asked inmates at a jail to make up names
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Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie says he based Keyser Soze on what real-life murderer?
Ted Bundy
Bernardo Provenzano
John List
Jack the Ripper
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In the revealing final scene, we discover how Verbal Kint used materials around the office to tell his story. Where did he come up with the name “Kobayashi?”
The bottom of a coffee mug
A mug shot
A rolodex
A Japanese food delivery carton