Favorite Movies: <em>The Big Lebowski</em>

The 'Our Favorite Movies' series concludes today with the 1998 Coen Brothers classic The Big Lebowski. How much can you recall about The Dude, Walter, Bunny, Karl Hungus and the rest of the cast? Let's find out.

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In what grocery store do we first encounter The Dude?
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An early version of the script explained The Dude's source of income. What was it?
He won the very first California Lottery in 1984
He was an heir to the inventor of the Rubik's Cube
He successfully sued the U.S. government after the Kent State Massacre
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Long before this stint in the music business, The Dude was one of the authors of the Port Huron Statement ("the original Port Huron Statement, not the compromised second draft"). What is the Port Huron Statement?
A 1968 petition signed by students in all 50 states to end the Vietnam War
The 1962 manifesto of the Students for a Democratic Society
The 1965 statement of support for LBJ's Voting Rights Act
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For what band was The Dude a roadie?
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
Grateful Dead
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What is the name of Walter's business?
Sobchak Plumbing
Sobchak HVAC
Sobchak Security
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What tape is The Dude listening to while taking a bath?
Song of the Whale
Venice Beach League Playoffs 1987
Hotel California
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What is the name of the adult film starring Bunny (Lebowski) LaJoya and Karl Hungus?
Feed the Monkey
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Who's in charge of bowling tournament scheduling at the league office?
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Walter rattles off a number of activities he will not partake in on Saturdays. Which of the following does he NOT mention?
Turning on the oven
Handling money
Eating Hamburgers
Riding in a car
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When telling Brandt about his college days, The Dude mentions all but one of the following activities. Which one?
Breaking into the ROTC
Dropping Acid
Occupying Various Administration Buildings
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The other Lebowski has a picture with which first lady hanging on his wall?
Pat Nixon
Barbara Bush
Nancy Reagan
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Arthur Digby Sellers (Larry's father) wrote 156 episodes of what show?
Life Goes On