Mr. Burns: The Quiz

You may love to hate C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield's villainous billionaire, but how well do you know the ageless plutocrat who once blocked out the sun and can never remember Homer's name? Take our quiz to see. With any luck, your score will be "Excellent."

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Which cast member provides the voice of Mr. Burns?
Harry Shearer
Hank Azaria
Dan Castellaneta
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When Homer brings Mr. Burns donuts for breakfast, why does the boss reject them?
He feels they're too fattening.
He specifically told Homer no ethnic food.
He prefers chocolate, but Homer brought plain.
He only eats gruel in the morning.
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Bobo is Mr. Burns' beloved childhood what?
Teddy Bear
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From what historical figure did Mr. Burns take his trademark "Ahoy-hoy" phone answer?
Alexander Graham Bell
Winston Churchill
Thomas Edison
J.D. Rockefeller
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When a destitute Mr. Burns goes grocery shopping for Smithers, what cereal does he select?
Lucky Charms
Maturity Flakes
Count Chocula
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What Ivy League college did Mr. Burns attend?
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When Mr. Burns visits the Mayo Clinic, he receives a diagnosis of what unique medical condition?
Three Stooges Syndrome
Burns' Syndrome
Nuclear Meltdown Syndrome
Pure Evil
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Mr. Burns' self-indulgent entry into the Springfield Film Festival, A Burns For All Seasons, blatanly ripped off a number of classic films. Senor Spielbergo pulled influence from all of these films EXCEPT which one?
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Viva Zapata!
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What is the name of Mr. Burns' knife-fighting pet monkey?
Lil' Smithers
Furious George
Frankie Fission
Nuclear Ned
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Which of the following companies has never been in Mr. Burns' portfolio?
Congreve's Inflammable Powders
Confederated Slave Holdings
Amalgamated Zeppelin
The Baltimore Opera Hat Company
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Mr. Burns' palatial mansion is located at the corner of what streets?
Croesus and Mammon
Wealth and Power
Industry and Endeavor
Midas and Rockefeller
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According to Smithers, Mr. Burns has never forgiven his mother for having an affair with what U.S. President?
Teddy Roosevelt
Grover Cleveland
William Howard Taft
William McKinley
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Mr. Burns is sometimes shown driving an antiquated car while wearing an elaborate motoring outfit. What model is this ride?
Stutz Bearcat
De Vaux Coupe
Graham Paige DC Phaeton
Studebaker Speedster
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What was the name of Mr. Burns' long lost Rodney-Dangerfield-voiced son?
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What is Mr. Burns' Social Security number?
He's too old to have one.