Quiz: Guest Stars on The Simpsons

A slew of guest stars have lent their voices to The Simpsons. Although many guests simply play themselves, the most memorable one-off characters often have a guest voice behind them. How well do you know who voiced these gems?

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Who voiced world’s best boss/diabolical supervillain Hank Scorpio?
Sean Connery
Gary Busey
Albert Brooks
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When Homer’s long lost mother returned, who gave Mona Simpson a voice?
Glenn Close
Jane Fonda
Sally Field
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Who provided the voice for “Malibu” Stacey Lovell?
Candice Bergen
Vanessa Redgrave
Kathleen Turner
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Who lent his vocal talents to the character of Frank Ormand, the executive who sold Marge her Pretzel Wagon franchise?
Kevin Spacey
Jack Lemmon
Morgan Freeman
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Who voiced MacArthur Parker, Troy McClure’s semi-estranged agent?
Robert Wuhl
Ray Liotta
Jeff Goldblum
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Who voiced Mr. Bergstrom, Lisa’s super substitute teacher?
Dustin Hoffman
Robin Williams
George Clooney
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What actor voice Hollis Hurlbut, head of the Springfield Historical Society?
Tim Robbins
Donald Sutherland
John Cleese
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Who voiced rebellious minister’s daughter Jessica Lovejoy?
Winona Ryder
Christina Ricci
Meryl Streep
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Which Friends star voiced Alex, the overly mature new student who embarrasses Lisa?
Jennifer Aniston
Courteney Cox
Lisa Kudrow
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Who voiced Ray Patterson, the Springfield Sanitation Commissioner Homer ousted from office?
Dennis Miller
Harrison Ford
Steve Martin
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When Homer ate too many insanity peppers, what singer voiced the space coyote that talked to him?
Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
Hank Williams, Jr.
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Who voiced Renee, the attractive flower vendor who inexplicably fell in love with Moe?
Julia Roberts
Helen Hunt
Minnie Driver
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What actor voiced Chester J. Lampwick, the hobo who created Itchy and Scratchy?
Paul Newman
Martin Sheen
Kirk Douglas
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What actor voiced Number One, the head of the mysterious Stonecutters?
Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellan
Alec Guinness
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When Maggie spoke her first word, what actress famously voiced the part?
Audrey Hepburn
Julie Andrews
Elizabeth Taylor