White Shadow: The Quiz

I’ve had other television obsessions, from Seinfeld to The Sopranos to Lost. But the habit started at Carver High School, where a broken down NBA player came to coach a group of delinquent students, and always managed to throw in some life lessons in the process. Here’s a little quiz in honor of The White Shadow.

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Let's start with an easy one... How many seasons did The White Shadow last?
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Speaking of life after The White Shadow, who had a recurring role on the NBC series "St. Elsewhere"?
Byron Stewart (Coolidge)
Kevin Hooks (Thorpe)
Nathan Cook (Reese)
Erik Kirlpatrick (Jackson)
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The White Shadow ended in 1981, and since you can't live on residual checks forever, many of the actors went on to other jobs in Hollywood, including director of the HBO series The Sopranos. Who was this?
Timothy Van Patten
Ken Howard
Kevin Hooks
Byron Stewart
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Which of these players was NOT on the team in season 3?
Paddy Falahey
Teddy Rutherford
Abner Goldstein
Nick Vitaglia
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In addition to Salami, several other Carver High players had nicknames. Which of these names did NOT actually belong to one of the Carver High players?
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The White Shadow started with eight series regulars as team players. Which character wasn't one of original Carver High School players?
Ricky Gomez
Nick Vitaglia
James Hayward
Milton Reese
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And who was the player who got kicked off the team for bad grades, and rejoined his old gang in season one?
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Episodes of The White Shadow usually focused on one player, with issues ranging from student alcoholism to gang violence, but only one of the original players died in the series. Who was it?
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After every episode of The White Shadow, the credits ended with the production company's logo, which featured:
A cheering lion
A shouting dog
A dribbling kitten
A jumping kangaroo
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In addition to basketball, the players on the Carver High team displayed talent in what other extracurricular activity?
Interpretive Dance
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White Shadow? Hmm... what does that mean, exactly? And which show character was responsible for the line?
Ken Reeves
Sybil Buchanan
Morris Thorpe
Jim Willis
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The White Shadow is the story of a former NBA basketball player named Ken Reeves, who gets talked into coaching a high school basketball team by an old buddy, who is now the school principal. Ken Reeves played for what team in the NBA?
New York Knicks
Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks
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So did the team ever win the city championship?