Ned Flanders: The Quiz

He’s pious. He’s successful. He’s everything Homer’s not. How well-diddily-ell do you know the Simpsons’ next-door neighbor? Take our quiz to find out.

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Although Homer later steals his diploma, Ned holds a degree from what school?
Liberty University
Oral Roberts University
Wheaton College
Our Lady of Sacrifice
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Ned’s nonsensical jabbering is a result of his inability to express rage after childhood treatment according to what university’s Spankological Protocol?
University of Michigan
Harvard University
University of Minnesota
Yale University
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When Homer first meets Flanders, Ned is wearing a t-shirt professing his love for what show?
The Waltons
Diff'rent Strokes
Highway to Heaven
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When Homer writes the song, “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders,” what rock star produces the track?
David Bowie
Paul McCartney
Keith Richards
David Byrne
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What were Ned’s last words to his late wife Maude?
"I love you."
"Time for church!"
"Racing is so safe."
"No footlongs."
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Homer has stolen all of the following items from Flanders except what?
TV trays
Power sander
Downstairs bathtub
Kitchen table
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When Ned joins Homer’s motorcycle gang, the Hell’s Satans, what does he ride?
A bike
A scooter
A lawnmower
He walks
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Flanders is an obsessive collector of what band’s memorabilia?
The Monkees
The Osmonds
The Partridge Family
The Beatles
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In an early episode, Flanders reveals at an AA meeting that it’s been 4,000 days since his last drink. What was he tipsy from drinking?
Raspberry cordial
A virgin daiquiri
Blackberry schnapps
One beer
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Before opening the Leftorium, Flanders worked in what industry?
Bible sales
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What was the name of Ned's Vegas wife?