Know What They Almost Called It?

Do you remember what these 12 popular entities were almost (or initially) called?

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When David Filo and Jerry Yang started a guide to Internet content back in 1994, what did they originally call it?
Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web
Search Me
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Pretty Woman was based on a script called what?
One Week's Company
Sunset Stripper
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What did former Florida Marlins owner Wayne Huizenga consider naming the Florida Marlins?
Florida Sunshine
Florida Flamingos
Miami Gators
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Before changing its name to Nike in 1971, what did Phil Knight call his footware company?
Oregon Running
Knight Vision
Blue Ribbon Sports
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What was Pepsi's original name?
Fizzy Water
Brad's Drink
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When Vancouver was first awarded an NBA team for the 1995 season, what did the franchise want to call itself?
Vancouver Mounties
Vancouver Maple Leafs
Vancouver Vikings
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What was the original name of Diff'rent Strokes?
Together We'll Be Fine
Park Avenue
45 Minutes from Harlem
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When Hollywood honcho Sonny Werblin and oil tycoon Leon Hess bought the AFL's New York Titans in 1963, they decided the team needed a new name. Before settling on the Jets, what was the other finalist?
New York Islanders
New York Borros
New York Knights
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During the filming of Back to the Future, a Universal Studios executive fired off a memo to all involved in the production stating that no movie with the word “future” in the title had ever succeeded at the box office. What alternative title did he suggest?
The Magic DeLorean
Spaceman from Pluto
Taking Mom to the Prom
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What was President Gerald Ford's birth name?
Warren Ronald Morris, Jr.
Henry James Ford, Jr.
Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
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When Married With Children creators Michael Moye and Ron Leavitt shopped their pilot script around, what did they call their show?
Not the Cosby Show
Kill Me Now
Four Touchdowns
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What was the original name of the cable network Spike?
Burly Bear Network
SportsChannel Raw
The Nashville Network