Ford the River? An Oregon Trail Quiz

Through Facebook groups, updated versions and even an iPhone app, the classic video game The Oregon Trail has survived much longer than any player ever did in the game. See how well you remember the game with our quiz. We can't promise you'll make it to the end without getting dysentery, though.

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In what year and from what state does the player’s wagon party depart?
Missouri in 1848
Oklahoma in 1945
Ohio in 1848
Kansas in 1846
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The final challenge was heading past the Columbia River to settle in the Willamette Valley. What were your two options at this point?
Ford the river or pay for a toll road
Hire a ferry or settle upstream
Pay for a toll road or caulk the wagon and float downstream
Settle upstream or caulk the wagon and float downstream
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Cashing in on the success of the Oregon Trail, several spinoffs were produced. Which of the following is not a location for a spinoff?
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The best way to get food in the game was definitely hunting. Later versions featured a shooting game for hunting, but some early versions had what mini-game?
Answering trivia questions about the actual Oregon Trail, with each correct question being a successful shot
Rapidly pressing the space bar; the quicker the clicks, the more animals killed
Typing words like “BANG” and “POW,” with completed words earning a successful hunt
There wasn’t a game; you could just choose to hunt and you would get a random amount of food
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What was the company that created and branded The Oregon Trail?
Frontier Games
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When a member of your party got sick, what strategy was most likely to help them get better?
Stopping to rest and increasing rations
Slowing the pace and increasing rations
Hiring an Indian guide to find natural medicine
Increasing rations and increasing the pace until you reached a town
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When you encounter a river, which of the following was not an option?
Attempt to ford the river
Caulk the wagon and float it across
Use supplies to build a raft
Wait to see if conditions improve
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Since the initial release in 1985, how many editions of The Oregon Trail have been released (not counting spinoffs)?
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In the original game, you had the choice of playing as one of three occupations. Which of these was not one of those choices?
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This punk band released their own online version of Oregon Trail, which had a weird mix of ration planning, hunting and Guitar Hero-like challenges.
Green Day
Fall Out Boy
Bad Religion
Blink 182