The 400-Home Run, Non-HOF Club

There are 45 members of the 400-Home Run Club, and 22 of them are not in the Hall of Fame. Some are active players, some are steroid guys, and others have been rightfully ignored by the voters. How many non-HOFers in The 400-Home Run Club can you name in 8 minutes?

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The 400-Home Run, Non-HOF Club
Barry Bonds|Bonds
Ken Griffey, Jr.|Ken Griffey|Griffey
Sammy Sosa|Sosa
Mark McGwire|McGwire
Rafael Palmeiro|Palmeiro|Rafeal Palmeiro|Rafeal Palmiero|Palmiero|Rafael Palmiero
Alex Rodriguez|Rodriguez|A-Rod|ARod
Jim Thome|Thome
Manny Ramirez|Ramirez
Frank Thomas|Thomas
Gary Sheffield|Sheffield|Shefield|Gary Shefield
Fred McGriff|Fred MacGriff|McGriff|MacGriff|Fred Magriff|Magriff
Carlos Delgado|Delgado
Jose Canseco|Canseco
Chipper Jones|Jones
Darrell Evans|Evans|Darrel Evans|Darell Evans
Mike Piazza|Piazza
Juan Gonzalez|Gonzales|Juan Gonzales|Gonzalez
Andre Dawson|Dawson
Dave Kingman|Kingman
Jeff Bagwell|Bagwell
Jason Giambi|Giambi
Vladimir Guerrero|Guerrero