A Franchise Relocation Quiz

Tracking the history of a sports franchise can be confusing, since teams seem to move around the country at the owner's whim. In this quiz, we've got 12 original teams. Can you figure out where they went?

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In 1946, the NFL's Cleveland Rams become...
the St. Louis Rams
the Los Angeles Rams
the Indianapolis Colts
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In 2002, the WNBA’s Orlando Miracle become…
the Chicago Fire
the Connecticut Sun
the Cleveland Rockers
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In 2001, the NBA’s Vancouver Grizzlies become…
the Memphis Grizzlies
the Toronto Raptors
the Charlotte Bobcats
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In 1997, the NFL’s Houston Oilers become…
the Memphis Titans
the Tennessee Oilers
the St. Louis Rams
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In 1996, the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets become…
the Phoenix Coyotes
the Columbus Blue Jackets
the St. Louis Blues
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In 1993, the NHL’s Minnesota North Stars become…
the Winnipeg Stars
the Columbus Blue Jackets
the Dallas Stars
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In 1979, the NBA’s New Orleans Jazz become…
the Utah Jazz
the Oklahoma City Thunder
the Memphis Grizzlies
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In 1972, the MLB’s Washington Senators (again) become…
the Montreal Expos
the Texas Rangers
the Minnesota Twins
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In 1963, the NBA’s Chicago Zephyrs become…
the Washington Wizards
the Los Angeles Zephyrs
the Baltimore Bullets
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In 1961, the MLB’s Washington Senators become…
the Minnesota Twins
the Montreal Expos
the Milwaukee Brewers
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In 1952, the MLB’s Boston Braves become…
the Milwaukee Braves
the Atlanta Braves
the San Diego Padres
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In 2006, the MLS’s San Jose Earthquakes become…
the Los Angeles Galaxy
the D.C. United
the Houston Dynamo