Saved by the Bell: Part 2

It's been more than 20 years since Good Morning, Miss Bliss first aired on The Disney Channel. The show, which would become Saved by the Bell, lives on in reruns, and in quizzes like this one. Let's see how much you learned at Bayside High.

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In the episode where Zack dates female wrestler Kristy Barnes, why does their blossoming relationship come to an abrupt end?
Kristy develops a stronger interest in Slater
Kristy abuses Zack
Kristy's military father is transferred to another base
Kristy saves Zack from an antagonistic bully
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In summer, as during the school year, the gang always has a rival group to compete against. During the school year it's Bayside v. Valley; but in the summer, who does the Malibu Sands beach club compete against?
Pacific Beach
Mission Beach
North Beach
Ocean Beach
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When Kelly first meets Jeff when she's applying for a job at the Max, where does Jeff say he attends college?
Cal State Dominguez Hills
UC Berkeley
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Speaking of names and Slater, what was the name of Slater's gecko lizard that Zack kills by leaving the heat lamp on?
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The Slater family seems to love initials. What are Slater's sister's initials in the episode where she comes to visit, and ends up dating Zack (much to Slater's chagrin)?
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Zack includes subliminal messages on which band's tape, so that Kelly will go to the Sweetheart Dance with him, instead of Slater?
Johnny Dakota's All-Star Band
Joe Public
Whitney Houston
Bo Revere
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During student-teacher week, Zack is acting principal; Screech and Lisa teach gym; and Kelly teaches which class?
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When Jessie and environmentally impassioned Graham enjoy a brief dalliance, they initially are drawn together in idealistic protest of which of the following events?
Oil-drilling on school grounds
The kidnap of Valley's mascot
The delivery of styrofoam cups to the cafeteria
Caged animals in the science lab
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After Jessie threatens every girl in school (on point of death) not to bid on Slater at the Date Auction, because she believes the whole concept to be sexist (of course), who ends up bidding on the hapless hunk out of sympathy?
Mr. Belding
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Everyone knows that Jessie's stepbrother Eric's arrival from New York turned out to be a nightmare for the gang, but do you know what Zack offered up to bribe Lisa into dating Eric when they were planning to set him up?
A new fall wardrobe
The use of Slater's car for a trip to the movies
MC Hammer tickets
Mets/Dodgers playoff tickets
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What is the "secret" in Screech's secret spaghetti sauce?
The recipe is right out of the Betsy Crocker cookbook
The recipe was stolen from the kitchen at the Max
The recipe is Mrs. Belding's
A chemical compound Screech produced in chemistry class
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Why does Zack convert the video yearbook into a Girls of Bayside Dating Video?
To earn money to buy a car
To pay off a gambling debt to Slater
To replace a fender on Mr. Belding's wife's car
For a new cell phone