Hey, Junior!

In honor of Father's Day, today's quiz salutes the less-famous dads of notable juniors. Cuba Gooding, Sr., this one's for you!

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Which job did Harry Connick Jr.'s dad hold?
District attorney of New Orleans
Producer, Columbia Records
Gast station attendant
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Which job did Harry Blackstone Jr.'s dad hold?
Railroad engineer
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Which job did Freddie Prinze Jr.'s dad hold?
Stand-up comedian
Taxi dispatcher
Coffee grower
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Which job did Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad hold?
Tennis pro
Elementary school guidance counselor
Lead vocalist for soul music band
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Which job did Efrem Zimbalist Jr.'s dad hold?
Game show host
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Which job did William F. Buckley Jr.'s dad hold?
Oil developer
New York Times food critic
Used car salesman
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Which job did Robert Downey Jr.'s dad hold?
Private investigator
Film director
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Which job did Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s dad hold?
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Which job did Mel Kiper Jr.'s dad hold?
St. Louis Cardinals quarterback
Vending machine stocker
Hair gel salesman
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Which job does Ted Ginn Jr.'s dad hold?
Heart surgeon
High school football coach