There's No Place Like Home: Famous TV Houses

The setting for a television show is almost as important as the main characters. The moment you saw the Cheers bar or Jerry Seinfeld's living room, the familiar feeling instantly came back. The interiors of the classic shows are all pretty recognizable, but what about the exterior shots? See if you can match these television houses to the series they were in.

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The Partridge Family
The Brady Bunch
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Facts of Life
Family Matters
Growing Pains
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Seventh Heaven
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Full House
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The Drew Carey Show
Everybody Loves Raymond
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Happy Days
Designing Women
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Eight is Enough
The Wonder Years
Married with Children
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MacMillan & Wife
I Dream of Jeannie
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
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The Dick Van Dyke Show
My Three Sons
Leave It To Beaver
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The Cosby Show
King of Queens
All in the Family
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The OC
The Beverly Hillbillies