The Garbage Pail Kids

Released in 1985, the Garbage Pail Kids were the back alley answer to the too-cute Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. I know I had a stack of them. Did you? Let's see if you remember who's who in this gross-out gallery of great childhood memories.

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Zombie Zed
Jay Decay
Rigor Morty
Julia Ghoulia
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Armpit Britt
Hairy Harriet
Lilith Faire
Armhair Claire
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Freaky Frankie
Peepin' Tom
Eyelid Isaac
Blinkin' Lincoln
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Drippy Dan
Swiss Steve
Water Willy
Leaky Lenny
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Monster Molly
Lonely Lucy
Ugg Lisa
Creepy Carol
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Cranium Chris
Sara Bellum
Mad Max
Empty Earl
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Betty Blade
Murdered Marie
Cindy Lopper
DeeDee Capitated
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Shrunken Ed
WeeFace William
Tiny Ted
Chipmunk Charlie
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Spider Webster
Itchy Ritchie
Bitten Ben
Creepy Carl
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Veiny Veronica
Wrinkled Rita
Cougar Carla
Rest Home Ruth
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Melted Mandy
Wanda Fall
Drippy Doris
Sara Slime
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Oozy Susie
Phlemin' Phyllis
Leaky Lindsay
Mucous Mary
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Bruised Lee
Hiyah Helen
Kung Sue
Bricket Rick
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Blackhead Betty
Ghastly Ashly
Nerdy Nelly
Tracy Braces
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Pinned Paul
Bruised Bruce
Drew Blood
Knot Ted
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Crater Chris
Puss Gus
Pizzaface Pat
Whitehead Wallace
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Mushroom Marty
Fallout Frank
Hydro Jim
Adam Bomb
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Splitface Chase
Undo Stew
Unzip Kip
Bony Tony