The Office Quiz (UK Edition)

That David Brent is refreshingly laid back for a man of such responsibility. How much do you know about season one of the show that spawned Michael Scott, Pam Beasley and Jim Halpert? Let's find out.

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Gareth gets irrationally upset when Tim puts his stapler in "the jelly." Why doesn't Gareth like jelly?
He's allergic
He doesn't trust the way it moves
Dessert isn't allowed in the Territorial Army
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When Tim resigns his sales position and expresses interest in returning to university to study psychology, an incredulous Gareth asks Tim to tell him what he's thinking in order to prove he can be a psychologist. What is Gareth thinking?
How to find the best coverage spot to assassinate someone in the office
All he needs to survive on a deserted island is a knife
Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark
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What happened at the previous year's Quiz Night that makes Gareth nervous about being quizmaster again?
He included too many questions about war
He tips his answers
There was a dispute about Spock
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When David Brent has an opportunity to be promoted to Jennifer Taylor-Clark's position (because she's being made a partner), why does the offer fall through?
He has high blood pressure
He is caught making racist jokes in the office
He hired a secretary when he was supposed to be making redundancies
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When Brent is "backed into a corner" and "forced to act" because he hasn't made any redundancies, he tells Jennifer Taylor-Clark that he fired which fictional employee?
Chris Finch
Julie Anderton
Jeff Lamp
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What gift does Tim's mom give him for his 30th birthday?
A new raincoat
Hat FM
An inflatable penis
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What sign does Gareth finally settle on to indicate that he's using the meeting room to conduct an investigation into who sent around a scandalous e-mail that included a degrading picture of David Brent?
Quiet! Invetigation in Progress
Investigation and Meeting Room
Gareth Keenan Workspace
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In what "romantic and thrifty" way does Lee propose to Dawn?
Mails her an engagement ring
An ad in the newspaper
Promises a ring in 10 years
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In the Quiz Night episode, David Brent is intimidated by temp employee Ricky Howard's university-based knowledge. The two volley back and forth trivial knowledge of which famous Russian author to prove who knows more?
Aleksandr Pushkin
Leo Tolstoy
Fyodor Dostoevsky
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What is the name of David Brent's former band?
Equality Street
The Spaceman Answers
Foregone Conclusion
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In David Brent's (confusing) analogy of Wernham-Hogg as "one big organism," the warehouse workers are the hands, and the salesmen are the mouth. What part of the body does Brent consider himself?
The humor
The knees
The breath
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When Brent has a laugh with intern Ricky and fake fires Dawn, what was she meant to have stolen to justify her dismissal?
Post-It Notes
Paper clips
Printer ink