Fantasy Football Stars (1990-2008) has gone to the trouble of calculating fantasy stats all the way back to 1970, when the immortal Giants running back Ron A. Johnson was the league's most prolific fantasy player. For this quiz, let's fast-forward to the more recent past. From 1990-2008, 14 different players ended a season atop the fantasy rankings (five players held the honor twice). How many can you name in 7 minutes?

Hint: We're looking for five quarterbacks and nine running backs.

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Fantasy Football Stars (1990-2008)
Randall Cunningham (1990)|Randall Cunningham|Cunningham
Barry Sanders (1991 & 1997)|Barry Sanders|Sanders
Emmitt Smith (1992 & 1995)|Emmitt Smith|Smith
Steve Young (1993 & 1994)|Steve Young|Young
Brett Favre (1996)|Brett Favre|Favre
Terrell Davis (1998)|Terrell Davis|Davis
Edgerrin James (1999)|Edgerrin James|James|Edge James
Marshall Faulk (2000 & 2001)|Marshall Faulk|Faulk
Priest Holmes (2002 & 2003)|Priest Holmes|Holmes
Peyton Manning (2004)|Peyton Manning|Manning
Shaun Alexander (2005)|Shaun Alexander|Alexander
LaDainian Tomlinson (2006)|LaDainian Tomlinson|Tomlinson
Tom Brady (2007)|Tom Brady|Brady
DeAngelo Williams (2008)|DeAngelo Williams|Williams