Trading Aces

At least one pitcher is involved in each of the 10 trades below. See how well you know your baseball history by figuring out who really moved in each deal.

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In 1997, pitcher Heathcliff Slocumb was dealt by Boston to the Seattle Mariners. Who did Boston get in return?
Pitcher Derek Lowe
Catcher Jason Varitek
Catcher Jason Varitek and pitcher Derek Lowe
Pitcher Tim Wakefield
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In 1977, The New York Mets traded pitcher Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds. Who did the Mets get?
Pitcher Pat Zachry, infielders Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson, and prospect Dan Norman.
Infielders Doug Flynn and Steve Henderson and prospect Dan Norman.
Pitcher Pat Zachry
Pitcher Pat Zachry, infielder Steve Henderson, and prospect Dan Norman.
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In 1989, The Montreal Expos traded pitchers Randy Johnson, Gene Harris, and Brian Holman to the Seattle Mariners. Who moved to Montreal in the deal?
Pitcher Mark Langston
Pitcher Dennis Martinez
Pitchers Mark Langston and Mike Campbell
Pitchers John Candelaria and Dennis Martinez
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Pitcher (Sad) Sam Jones won 23 games for the Red Sox in 1921 and posted a 229-217 career record. Who did Boston give up in 1916 to land the Ace?
Pitcher Babe Ruth
Center fielder Tris Speaker
Pitcher Ralph Comstock
Catcher Pinch Thomas
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In January, 1991, The Baltimore Orioles traded pitchers Curt Schilling, Pete Harnisch and outfielder Steve Finley to the Houston Astros. Who'd the Orioles get in the deal?
First baseman Glenn Davis
Prospects and $5,000,000 cash
Catcher Craig Biggio
First baseman Jeff Bagwell
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In 1926, The New York Giants traded pitcher Jimmy Ring (and second baseman Frankie Frisch) to the St. Louis Cardinals. Who did the Cards get in return?
First baseman Jim Bottomley
Shortstop Tommy Thevenow
Second baseman Rogers Hornsby
Catcher Johnny Schulte
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In 1990, the Astros sent relief pitcher Larry Andersen to Boston. Who did the Red Sox give up for their new 37-year-old reliever who went on to blow the next three of four saves with Boston?
First baseman Jeff Bagwell
Pitcher Curt Schilling
Third baseman Ken Caminiti
Third baseman Wade Boggs
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In 1964, there was a famous six-player deal that included the Cubs and Cardinals. The Cardinals got the amazing Lou Brock. What pitcher did the Cubs get?
Dick Ellsworth
John Flavin
Larry Jackson
Ernie Broglio
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In 1987, the Atlanta Braves sent pitcher Doyle Alexander to the Detroit Tigers. Who did Atlanta score in return?
Outfielder Ken Griffey
Shortstop Rafael Ramirez
Pitcher Tom Glavine
Pitcher John Smoltz
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In 1920, The Boston Red Sox traded pitcher/outfielder Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. Who did the Sox get in return.
Pitchers Allen Russell, Herb Pennock, Elmer Myers and Harry Harper
Pitchers Allen Russell, Herb Pennock, Elmer Myers, Harry Harper, and Hal Deviney
No one, just $100,000 cash.
Pitchers Allen Russell, Herb Pennock, Elmer Myers, Harry Harper, Hal Deviney, and infielder Ossie Vitt