Are You Smart Car Smart?

Smaller than a VW bug, more compact than a Mini, smart cars (with their very deliberate lowercase "s") have been buzzing around our streets since the late 1990s. But how much do you know about these tiny travelers? Take this quiz and get smart.

For those of you in the Birmingham, AL area, this quiz is part of our Smart Car Giveaway. You'll find out where the smart® car is hiding at the end of the quiz.

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What is smart's current ad slogan?
Big Things Come In Little Packages
Open Your Mind
Size Doesn't Matter
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There are a few companies that offer a modified smart car with a Suzuki Hayabusa motocycle engine. What are these cross-platform cars called?
Smart Bombs
Toyoko Riders
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In Mexico, smart cars were sold in what location?
Department Stores
Gas Stations
Military Supply Depots
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A battery electric vehicle by smart goes by what name?
Fortwo ED
Coupe Charge
Electric Slide
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What was smart's four-door car named?
Grande Latte
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Why was the original smart car designed to be only 250 cm long?
250 cm was exactly twice the height of Napoleon
To allow drivers to park nose first into parking spots
To reduce shipping costs to Latin America
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What was the first smart car model named?
City Coupe
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Which one of these companies teamed up with smart to produce it's first model?
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Smart cars were originally the idea of what Swiss company?
Lindt & Sprüngli
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When smart launched in China, at the China Auto Show in 2008, how did they cleverly package their cars?
With Einstein Photoshopped into their ads
In Gumball Dispensers
In Vending Machines