It's David Sedaris!

Best-selling author David Sedaris has lent his unique blend of humor and cultural insight to the NPR airwaves since 1992. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the man behind the microphone.

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Sedaris' big break came while reading the essay "SantaLand Diaries" on what NPR show?
All Things Considered
Fresh Air
Morning Edition
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What was notable about Sedaris' baccalaureate address "What I Learned," given at Princeton in 2006?
The entirety of the essay was mimed to the audience.
Sedaris never attended Princeton.
The address was composed in iambic tetrameter.
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David has written several plays with his sister, Amy, under what name?
The Talent Family
Sedaris & Sister
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When originally planning a big-screen version of Sedaris' best-selling book Me Talk Pretty One Day, who did Sedaris suggest portray his father?
Sean Connery
Jack Lemmon
Jack LaLanne
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Which of the following topics has Sedaris never tackled in an essay?
Volunteering at an insane asylum
Visiting a nudist colony
Going on a Canadian safari with James Lipton and Alice Cooper
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In Sedaris' latest book of essays, When You Are Engulfed In Flames, the last essay deals with overcoming what affliction?
Fear of Flying
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Radio host Ira Glass first discovered Sedaris while David was doing what?
Reading pages from his diary in a Chicago nightclub
Working the nightshift at a local morgue
Busking on the streets of New York in an all sitar band
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When Sedaris' first book, Barrel Fever went to press, what job was he holding down?
Hot Dog Vendor
House Cleaner
Assistant for a minor league hockey team
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Producers from which hit sitcom contacted Sedaris after his early NPR appearances?
Mad About You
The Drew Carey Show