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In the world of radio journalism, there's nothing better than "This American Life." With their remarkable focus on everyday people and their indescribable story selection, the hipster-friendly show is a unique radio magazine. Here are ten questions about the PRI show and its television counterpart - are you a big enough radio fan to get them all right?

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“This American Life” won a 2008 Peabody for their take on the economic crisis. What was the metaphor the reporters kept coming back to, which also lent the episode its title?
Invisible Money
A Failure on Every Floor
The Giant Pool of Money
A Mastercard With No Limit
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According to host Ira Glass, one segment on the show led him to make what lifestyle change?
Become a vegetarian
Start working out
Become an atheist
Take two naps a day
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When the show first debuted, what name did it go by?
American People, American Lives
Your Radio Playhouse
Television on the Radio
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One show, Classifieds, saw the reporters choose their stories out of the classifieds section of a newspaper. One classic act saw the producers compile a “one day band” of musicians advertised to perform what song?
Hey Ya
In My Life
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Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, "This American Life" has a special show. What is it?
The Grinch, a show about mean people that ends with a celebrity reading the Dr. Seuss classic
Holiday Cheer, a show of uplifting holiday stories
Poultry Slam, a show themed around poultry
Stocking Stuffers, a series of short, fun acts
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The show has a pretty consistent standard of choosing a theme, then picking 2-5 stories around it. Despite a number of twists on that routine, which of these shows is credited by producers as the biggest shift?
“20 Acts in 60 Minutes,” which is exactly what it sounds like
“Babysitting,” where the show consisted only of short anecdotes from babysitters
“Separated at Birth,” which they told over two full-length episodes
An unnamed show that had seven random stories with no theme
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Teen soap “The O.C.” once gave This American Life a shout-out of sorts. How did Summer characterize the contributors to the radio show?
Those people my mom pretends to be smart enough to listen to
Charlie Rose wannabes
Snoozefest talking heads
Hipster know-it-alls
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The show has branched out from radio and started a television show on what network?
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The classic live episode “Music Lessons” included a number of performances, some by the contributors. Which of these was NOT a musical performance on the show?
Sarah Vowell playing a recorder solo
Anne Lamott singing "My Girl"
David Sedaris singing ad jingles as Billie Holiday
San Francisco United School District music students performing as a band
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In 2002, the show signed a six-picture movie deal with Warner Brothers. Already one movie has been made based on a segment of the show. What was it?
“Gothika,” based on a show about horror stories from an insane asylum
“Unaccompanied Minors,” based on Susan Burton’s story about staying overnight in an airport
“Saving Shiloh,” based on Sarah Vowell’s investigation into the boy-dog relationship
“No Reservations,” based on Heather O’Neill’s story about her early life as a chef