The Faces of NPR

National Public Radio personalities are like the Wizard of Oz: a disembodied voice behind an unknowable curtain of secrecy. It’s always amusing to browse and put faces with the soothing voices. Can you recognize a face you’ve only heard? (No cheating allowed. They’ll know, somehow, I’m sure.)

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Robert Siegel
David Edelstein
Carl Kasell
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Mike Shuster
Guy Raz
Daniel Zwerdling
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Neal Conan
Scott Simon
Rob Gifford
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Terry Gross
Diane Rehm
Eleanor Beardsley
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Ray Magliozzi
Tom Magliozzi
Bob Garfield
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Korva Coleman
Liane Hansen
Allison Keyes
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Anne Garrels
Brooke Gladstone
Audie Cornish
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Terry Gross
Linda Wertheimer
Mara Liasson
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Corey Flintoff
Steve Inskeep
Will Shortz
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Scott Simon
Peter Sagal
Giles Snyder
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Michele Norris
Melissa Block
Neda Ulaby
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Doualy Xaykaothao
Yuki Noguchi
Louisa Lim