Three Dog Night

The three-headed beast of Danny Hutton, Corey Wells and Chuck Negron made up the wildly successful group Three Dog Night. Known as much for their own songs as for popularizing other works ("Joy To The World," "Mama Told Me Not To Come"), from 1968 - 1976, it was hard to find a more popular band. How well do you remember the group?

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What is the orgin of the name Three Dog Night?
In Northern California, full moons were called "dog nights." The band's first three rehearsals were during dog nights.
On cold nights, indigenous Australians would cuddle with dingos...especially cold nights were called three dog nights.
Before they were famous, Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron each independently promised to purchase a dog from an attractive labrador retriever breeder at a party after one of their shows.
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During the band's hiatus, Corey Wells became a field editor for what magazine?
Outdoor Life
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When the band broke up in 1976, how many of the seven original musicans played their farewell show?
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Corey Wells was performing at a bar called The Whisky A Go-Go when what noted duo asked him to join their tour?
Hall & Oates
Sonny & Cher
Captain & Tennille
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While not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 2001, Three Dog night was inducted into what hall of fame?
The Crytozoological Monikers Hall Of Fame
The Northern Ukranian Music Hall Of Fame
The Vocal Group Hall Of Fame
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How many gold albums does Three Dog Night have to their name?
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Who was one of Three Dog Night's backup singers, who would later find solo success?
Bonnie Tyler
Donna Summer
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The band made some early recordings with what noted musican?
Brian Wilson
Paul McCartney
Michael Jackson
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Before being called Three Dog Night, the group play under what name?
Mother Love Bone
On A Friday
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What did Chuck Negron, whose drug addiction eventually led to his dismissal from the reunited Three Dog Night, title his autobiography?
Then There Were Three
Three's Company
Three Dog Nightmare