Name the 10 Tallest Buildings in Four Minutes

This year, the world will see a new tallest building - the Burj Dubai. The 162-floor building will dwarf the other supposedly tall buildings. You may be able to see the buildings from just about anywhere, but can you name them? You've got four minutes to name the world's ten tallest buildings, not including the Burj Dubai.

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Name the 10 Tallest Buildings in Four Minutes
Taipei 101
Shanghai World Financial Center|Shanghai Center|Shanghai Financial Center
International Commerce Center|International Commerce Centre|Internationational Commcerce Center
Petronas Tower|Petronas Towers
Nanjing Greenland Financial Center|Nanjing Financial Center|Greenland Financial Center
Willis Tower|Sears Tower
Guangzhou West Tower|Guangzhou Tower|Gangzhou West Tower|Gangzhou Tower|Guangzou West Tower|Guangzou Tower
Jin Mao Tower|Jin Mao
Trump International Finance Center|Trump Finance Center|Trump Center
Trump International Hotel and Tower|Trump Hotel and Tower|Trump International Hotel|Trump International Tower|Trump International Hotel and Tower