The Buddy Guy Quiz!

American blues artist and singer Buddy Guy has been the inspiration behind a wide selection of artists, from Hendrix to Clapton. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this incredible musician.

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While 'Buddy' is Guy's stagename, what is his real first name?
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Exactly how many words was Guy's Hall of Fame induction speech?
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In addition to Eric Clapton, what famous blues pioneer played at Guy's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony?
Scott Stapp
Stevie Ray Vaughn
B.B. King
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Which president awarded Guy a National Medal of Arts, the highest honor awarded to artists by the US government?
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
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Known for his incredible live shows, what feat did Guy perfect while playing the guitar?
Playing with one hand, drinking with the other.
Removing his coat one arm at a time while playing a solo.
Pulling a member out of the crowd to play the right handed part of a solo while he improvised on the frets.
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Buddy Guy was one of Jimi Hendrix's idols and a major source of his musical influence. How did Hendrix often pay homage to Guy?
By canceling his shows and showing up in Guy's audience.
By playing right handed.
By replacing the lyrics in Purple Haze to "Excuse me, while I kiss this Guy."
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How many of Buddy Guy's five Grammy Awards did he win after the 1960s?
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Under what billing did Buddy and blues harpist Junior Wells record?
Amiable Guy
Likable Man
Friendly Chap
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At his first gigs, how did Guy combat his epic and paralyzing stage fright?
By visualizing the audience naked.
By vomiting at the set break.
By chugging a mixture of antiseptic and wine.
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What Cream song did Clapton readily admit was a near rip-off of Guy's work?
Sunshine Of Your Love
Strange Brew
Anyone For Tennis?