El Concurso de Los Lobos (The Los Lobos Quiz)

They have been characterized as rock, country, alt-country, Tex-Mex, folk, R&B and blues. Whatever you call the, Los Lobos has been making music for three and a half decades. How well do you know these rockers for east LA? Take this quiz and find out.

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In 1987, what became Los Lobos first #1 hit?
Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
La Bamba
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
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What song did the group cover for "I'm Not There", the musical based on Bob Dylan?
Billy 1
I'm Not There
Dark Eyes
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Early in their career, Los Lobos appeared in what punk rock musical?
Population: 1
Punk: The Musical
Gabba Gabba Hey! - A Punk Rock Musical
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The band's only live DVD was filmed at what location?
Red Rocks
The Fillmore
Madison Square Garden
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After releasing the critically acclaimed "Colossal Head", how did Los Lobos' label, Warner Brothers, reward the group?
By sending them all gold plated instruments
By arranging for the group to play at the wedding of Mexico's president
By dropping them from the label
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In there 35 year history, how many total Grammy awards has Los Lobos taken home?
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Los Lobos' album, The Ride, featured all of the following musicians except...?
Tom Waits
Carlos Santana
Elvis Costello
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Due out in September, the group's next album is notable for what reason?
All tracks will be covers of Disney songs
It will feature Ringo Starr on the drums
It will only be available as part of Guitar Hero: Mariachi Edition
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For what movie did Los Lobos record the sountrack?
El Mariachi
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
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What is the name of the group's unofficial 6th member?
Cougar Estrada
Lion Lopez
Panther James Olmos