Name the Presidential Runners-Up (1900-Present)

One of the more popular mental_floss quizzes (#3!) asks you to name all the Presidents of the United States. But what about the runners-up? Can you name all 25 men who finished second in U.S. Presidential Elections dating back to 1900? (For people who finished second multiple times, you only need to enter them once. The list includes six Presidents.)

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Name the Presidential Runners-Up (1900-Present)
William Jennings Bryan|Bryan|Jennings Bryan|William Jennings-Bryan|Jennings-Bryan
Alton Parker|Parker
Charles Hughes|Hughes
James Cox|Cox
John Davis|Davis
Al Smith|Smith|Alfred Smith
Alf Landon|Landon
Wendell Willkie|Willkie
Thomas Dewey|Dewey
Adlai Stevenson|Stevenson|Adlai Stephenson|Stephenson
Barry Goldwater|Goldwater|Au H2O
Hubert Humphrey|Humphrey|Hubert H. Humphrey
George McGovern|McGovern
Walter Mondale|Mondale
Bob Dole|Dole
Michael Dukakis|Dukakis
Al Gore|Gore
John Kerry|Kerry
John McCain|McCain
Theodore Roosevelt|Teddy Roosevelt|Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover|Hoover
Richard Nixon|Nixon
Gerald Ford|Ford
Jimmy Carter|Carter
George Bush|Bush