Name Baseball's Rookies of the Year (1999-2008)

Voting for MLB's postseason awards is right around the corner, and for the first time, I have a vote on one of them—the National League's Cy Young Award. The Cy makes for a lousy quiz because of repeat winners, so let's try the Rookie of the Year Award. Can you name the last ten winners in each league (1999-2008)? And no, Edinson Volquez doesn't count, although I imagine he'll get a few more votes this year.

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Name Baseball's Rookies of the Year (1999-2008)
Evan Longoria|Longoria
Geovany Soto|Soto
Dustin Pedroia|Pedroia
Ryan Braun|Braun
Justin Verlander|Verlander
Hanley Ramirez|Ramirez
Huston Street|Street
Ryan Howard|Howard
Bobby Crosby|Crosby
Jason Bay|Bay
Angel Berroa|Berroa
Dontrelle Willis|Willis
Eric Hinske|Hinske
Jason Jennings|Jennings
Ichiro Suzuki|Suzuki|Ichiro
Albert Pujols|Pujols
Kaz Sasaki|Sasaki
Rafael Furcal|Furcal
Carlos Beltran|Beltran
Scott Williamson|Williamson