The Baseball Movie Quiz: Major League

In the pantheon of great baseball movies, Major League is a solid contender for the funniest. For long-suffering Cleveland fans, it was a welcome opportunity to see the Indians win a few games. For everyone else, it was just simply a laugh riot. How well do you remember the classic movie?

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Rachel Phelps says if the team’s attendance dips below 800,000, she can move the team from Cleveland. Where does she plan to move the franchise?
Las Vegas
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What does Pedro Cerrano want to do before the playoff game?
Convert to Christianity
Create and burn a voodoo doll of the opposing pitcher
Pour rum and newt blood on the pitcher’s mound
Sacrifice a live chicken
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What team does Cleveland play in a one-game playoff at the end of the season?
New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics
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In the awesomely stilted American Express commercial the team films, who delivers the final line and what is it?
Lou Brown: “We’re contenders now.”
Pedro Cerrano: “Even Jo-Bu loves it.”
Willie Mays Hayes: “Never steal home without it.”
Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughan: “It works quicker than my fastball”
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The ballpark scenes were not filmed in Cleveland. What city did host the filming?
New York
Los Angeles
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How does Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn personalize his glasses?
Getting neon frames
Etching profanities in the lenses
Putting a skull on the bridge between the lenses
Getting flip-on sunglasses that he wears between every pitch
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In what way does Rachel Phelps NOT cut costs to stop “coddling” the team?
Forcing them to wash their own uniforms
Replacing their plane with an old propeller plane
Not replacing the hot tub
Getting rid of the hot water in the showers
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Which eventual team member wasn't actually invited to camp?
Rick Vaughn
Pedro Cerrano
Willie Mays Hayes
Eddie Harris
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Besides Charlie Sheen, who currently stars on Two And A Half Men, what current sitcom star is in Major League?
Jim Parsons
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Flynn
Jon Krasinski
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Bob Uecker, who plays the Cleveland commentator Harry Doyle, is an actual announcer for what major league team?
Tampa Bay Rays
Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers
Cleveland Indians