The Baseball Movie Quiz: Field of Dreams

How much do you know about one of the most beloved baseball films of all time? Take the quiz and find out.

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What university did Ray Kinsella attend?
UC Berkeley
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What does Ray say he "never forgave" his father for?
Playing for the Yankees
Getting old
Forcing him to play catch
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When Ray finishes building the field, he declares with slight surprise that he's just created something...
Completely ridiculous
Completely asinine
Totally illogical
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Terrence Mann gave an interview about baseball that charged Ray up, and sent him off in search of the author. Which baseball team was the interview about?
Boston Red Sox
New York Giants
Brooklyn Dodgers
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What pseudonym does Terrence Mann employ on his mailbox and apartment door in an attempt to maintain anonymity?
M.L. King
Jack E. Robinson
Tie Dyed
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What midwestern town does Archibald "Moonlight" Graham hail from?
Oak Park, Illinois
Hailey, Idaho
Chisholm, Minnesota
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When Ray is magically transported back to 1972, which movie is advertised on the old-school matinee?
Lawrence of Arabia
The Poseidon Adventure
The Godfather
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When Ray and Terrence return to the farm from their trip, "Shoeless" Joe has invited new players so the boys can play an actual game. Which player was denied an invitation?
Lou Gehrig
Ty Cobb
Walter Johnson
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Which of the following inaccuracies is represented as truth in the movie?
The baseball field is actually located in Canton, Illinois, not Iowa.
Joe Jackson batted lefty, but Ray Liotta bats righty in the film.
None of the 1919 White Sox were ever officially banned from the game.